Welcotme to the world of Alrubaidi Medical, since 1998 we have been started in the maintenance of Medical equipment, in 2000 started in the distribution and marketing of high quality medical products in public and private hospitals for reputable manufacturers with the highest quality.

We dedicate our skills and efforts to the health of humanity by delivering medical products exclusivity through our professional sales & Marketing team for more than 15 reputable manufacturers with the highest quality for long-lasting use. Since 2007, Alrubaidi Medical became one of the leading medical distributors in Yemen.

We guaranteehigh quality products in the fields of operating theatres with innovative solutions in orthopedics, neurosurgery, spine, reconstructive and general surgery,all ENT clinic requirement, Cardio, ICU, medical furniture laboratory, diagnostic instruments, sterilization, emergency care, anesthesia accessories, EEG & EMG Device and its accessories, medical consumables through our supplier's experienced research and production who transform innovative ideas into their top class products.